The calculated values are based on theoretical calculations and may be different from the actual values when used on a flow cytometer. BioLegend’s Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer is useful for the analysis of excitation and emission spectra of commonly used fluorochromes for flow cytometry. All transmission and blocking (OD) data are actual, measured spectra of representative production lots.

FluorPlan Multi-Laser Spectra Viewer – the premier online multicolor flow cytometry tool essential for today’s polychromatic flow experiments. Access the web’s most robust fluorescence spectra viewer – eBioscience’s FluorPlan Spectra Viewer. This online tool is designed to aid customer understanding of important principles, dependencies, and relationships involved in selecting fluorochromes for . Listing of interactive fluorescence spectra viewers on the web. Spectra Database hosted at the University of Arizona.

Utzinger, Documentation, Supplemental Materials, add Spectra, download Database , download Code. Fluorochrome emission is the lifeblood of flow cytometry. Here are spectral viewers you should be using in flow cytometry experiments.

Spectrum viewer: reads and displays XY-plots (up to 40in one go) on an XY-graph or as a 2D intensity plot. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols . Spectral performance of individual sets and filters may vary from published data. Note: The spectral performance of dichroic beamsplitters is measured at 45 . Plot and compare spectra, check the spectral compatibility for many fluorophores and email the configuration to yourself or others in the lab in a clear printable .

You can use the Spectrum Viewer for estimating and analyzing a signal’s power spectral density (PSD). A little program that makes it easy to view and compare filters, fluorescent proteins and dyes for biological applications. The USGS Spectral Viewer tool helps users determine what bands of.

Landsat OLI Bands and Lawn Grass Spectra. Click the link below to take you to the Invitrogen website and a web-based tool for viewing the emission and excitation spectra of various fluorophores and how . Select: Simulation Set Tomato 20Hugo 20Beta vulgaris 20Human . Spectra Viewer: Choose your fluorescent protein from the list below. AcGFP1; AmCyan1; AsRed2; mBanana; mCherry; DsRed2; DsRed-Express; DsRed- .