Gradient Lens Corporation, manufacturer of the Hawkeye Precision Borescope for quality inspection and NDT. Portable and easy to use; rigids, flexibles, and . Manufacturer of Hawkeye Rigi Flexible and Video Borescopes.

Call our experts at 800-536-07for a free trial or demo. Hawkeye Borescope – Searching for Hawkeye Borescope? Hawkeye Borescopes help you maintain your rifle and pistol barrels in top condition to improve accuracy and barrel life.

The Hawkeye Borescope lets you see INSIDE your guns.

With the Hawkeye Shot Edition Slim Borescope Kit you can buy used guns or analyze the interior of your firearm with confidence. Product Test by Vince Bottomley, creator of Precision Rifle WebZine. About two years ago, I bought a borescope. It’s something I had always wante but didn’t . Geoff Esterline from Sinclair interviews Ken Harrington from Gradient Lens about all the things you can see in a. Gradient Lens Corporation designs and manufactures Hawkeye Borescopes in the United States using our. SPECS: Kit includes shooting edition Hawkeye borescope with an outside diameter of.

The Hawkeye Borescope is an incredible piece of gear for shooters and gunsmiths. This precision instrument allows you to closely examine the inside of your .

The Gradient Lens Hawkeye Slim Precision Focusing Borescopes have set the standard in inspection tools to get an ultra-close-up view of the. Gradient Lens Corporations, Hawkeye Precision Borescopes manufactured in the USA, provide you the best value in the industry. During my inspection, I spotted a Hawkeye borescope and I asked to examine one of my barrels.

After a quick tutorial on how to use it, I was getting an extremely . I am considering a borescope, and am seeking recommendations. Hawkeye has several kits, and a pro level . If you are a target shooter, benchrest shooter, varmint hunter, rifle collector, gunsmith, firearms manufacturer, forensic scientist or even an everyday hunter you . Remote Inspections Limited is a proud distibutor of Hawkeye Precision Borescopes which are produced by the Gradient Lens Corporation. The Hawkeye Gunsmith Kit includes a Hawkeye Borescope for pistols, a Hawkeye Borescope for rifles, mirror tubes, light sources, batteries, all in a . SPECS: Kit includes shooting edition Hawkeye borescope, angled eyepiece kit with focusing eyepiece, mini Maglite, mirror tube, lockable black metal case with .