Available for rental, the Olympus IPLEX FX Videoprobe. Various lengths and diameters available thanks to the interchangeable probe system. Olympus—a world-leading manufacturer of optical, electronic and precision engineering products—has been at the forefront of videoscope .

Olympus Portable Industrial Videoscope with 7. Olympus has been at the forefront of videoscope development for many decades and with the introduction of the iPlex NX industrial videoscope . Olympus, a world leader in advanced videoscopes, introduces the IPLEX MX II videoscope system. IPLEX MX II delivers the same quality and reliability as .

OLYMPUS INDUSTRIAL REMOTE VISUAL INSPECTION PRODUCT GUIDE 03. Olympus Videoscopes provide bright, clear, full screen images, and offer the . IPLEX LT combines overwhelming portability and reliability with advanced features – achieves best balance . Despite the low price, the Series C videoscope is built on Olympus technology. Olympus is a technology leader with over 1years of optical and years of . Olympus has a comprehensive range of industrial endoscopes, such as videoscopes, fiberscopes and . Features Stereo Measurement option for measuring length, depth and area of defects which . HDTV quality and close observation capability; Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) for improved visualization; Slim . The Olympus IPLEX FX industrial videoscope is the portable, rugged option that provides 3-dimensional defect measurements.

The IPLEX MX R supplies a slim ø6mm outer diameter tube with a short 21. Ft Olympus IPLEX videoscope rental for industrial borescope inspections. Olympus is pleased to announce the introduction of the new IPLEX LX and IPLEX LT industrial videoscopes. These new small and lightweight videoscopes, . The Olympus ENF-Vdigital video rhinolaryngoscope not only delivers some of the brightest, clearest images available from a videoscope, it also features a . The IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscope is suitable for inspections.

Rent, Buy or Lease the Olympus IPLEX LX Industrial Videoscope at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. Kevin Kane of Olympus demos their new tiny portable inspection video camera tech at MDM 2012.