A great buss compressor used on a great mix will often “glue it together” nicely, as Graham says. It’s a tried and tested technique that has been .

Der Solid State Logic G Comp Bus Compressor für das API-500-Rackformat is tbei uns im Review: Die Ära nach 19hat kaum legendäre Kompressoren . SOLID BUS COMP erzeugt mit satter Kompression einen Audio Glue-Effekt, mit. The Solid Mix Series bus compressor is another great tool in my kit from NI.

Tagen – Modeled on the master buss center compressor of the SSL 40G console, the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor plugin captures every nuance . Ein neutral klingender Stereokompressor für Mix und Mastering? Wir bauen einen SSL Bus Compressor Clone mit einem Supersidechain – Teil . FET compressor designs are less commonly used over the master bus, but the aggressive character of devices like the Universal Audio 2–11can be ideal for . Bilder zu bus compressorWeitere Bilder zu bus compressorUnangemessene Bilder meldenWir danken Ihnen für Ihr Feedback. Weiteres Bild meldenMelde das anstößige Bild. The only real discerning factor here is that buss compression refers to the practice of applying a compressor to a whole group of instruments or . The G-Series Bus Compressor is a VCA-based stereo unit from the UK’s Oxfordshire-based Solid State Logic, derived from the circuits found in their legendary .

SSL XLogic G Series Stereo Compressor Klassischer SSL G-Serien Center-Kompressor mit Super Analogue Architektur Der Xlogic G-Series Kompressor ist ein . Ok so I’ve been on a quest lately and have been asking about your mix buss set up etc on other threads. The Bus Compressor is based on the mix bus VCA type compressor of a worldwide known and acknowledged British large format mixing console from the 80’s. Solid State Logic G Comp Bus Compressor MKII, 500er Serie, Stereo Dynamikmodul Highpass-Filter im Sidechain, Bus Kompressor, Threshold – Attack . Specifically, your mix bus or master fader as it relates to mixing music. Slate Virtual Bus Compressors (typically the FG-RED).

A classic piece of gear that you’ve heard on a lot of your favourite Rock and Pop albums from the past 3. The mix bus compressor has a uniquely potent ability to intimidate the bejesus out of new mixers, probably because there seems to be the most at stake: “Only . The Crème combines a passive EQ based on the Pultec principle and a high-end bus compressor in a single device. Hardly a mix is completed these days without the engineer placing a compressor across the mix bus, even if they’re not sure exactly why they’re doing it. High-quality, transparent dynamics processor with adjustable knee and auto-release functionality suitable for single tracks as well as complex . Ausführliche Informationen zum SSL G Bus Compressor für API 5Modulsysteme. Der Stereo-Kompressor für Summensignale wirkt als Klebstoff für komplexe . When you’ve struggled for hours to get a mix to sit together, you can see why the cohesion that a buss compressor can deliver is such a .