Der Tastkopf, auch Tastteiler (englisch: probe = Sonde) ist ein Messmittel für die elektrische Messtechnik, hauptsächlich bei Messungen mit dem Oszilloskop. Find the right Differential Probe for your needs. The Rohde Schwarz portfolio of high-voltage probes includes single-ended and differential probes for root mean square (RMS) voltages up to .

Find great deals on for Differential Probe in Test Equipment Probes. Differential active probes are like two probes in one. Instead of measuring a test point in relation to a ground point (like single-ended active probes), differential .

This video gives the basics of differential oscilloscope probes. It defines what they are, and discusses why and. The N2792A 2MHz differential probe provides superior high-speed differential signal measurements required for today’s high-speed power measurements.

A “differential” probe is an active probe which has two inputs, one positive and one negative as well as a separate ground lead and it drives a single terminated . The N2891A MHz differential probe allows conventional earth-grounded Keysight oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to ±70V . Use the N2791A 25-MHz low-cost high-voltage differential probe to make safe and accurate floating measurements with an oscilloscope. If you need to measure the voltage across different components in a circuit where one or more of these components are . The 7009differential probe lets you make wide-band (1MHz) differential input measurements by just connecting the probe to the input of a single-end input .

Maximum allowed differential voltage‎: ‎±3V. Maximum common mode input voltage‎: ‎±14V. The LTC6268-is a single 4GHz FETinput operational amplifier with extremely low input bias current and low . Weiter zu Differential probe SI-90- To provide an existing oscilloscope with one or more differential inputs, the Differential probe SI-90is the ideal . This Pico active differential scope probe offers a safe way to make high voltage measurements up to 7V and can be used with any oscilloscope.

The key difference is that the black leads on the simple Voltage Probe (VP-BTA) are . Probe Master offers quality differential probes that will allow floating measurements from 100uVolts to as high as 70volts.