LogiLink bietet ein umfassendes Portfolio an Produkten aus dem Bereich Computer und Netzwerk und ist das Ergebnis der Kombination aus innovativer . Find great deals on for USB Power Meter in Computer Power Supply Testers. They go by the names “charger doctor”, “USB detector”, “USB meter”, and even “USB power monitor”.

At the end of the day, they’re mostly just . Measures modes -Amperage up to 2A -Voltage up to 5V -Peak Amperage -Minimum Voltage. Deutschland über Amazon als „PortaPow USB Power. Instantly check the performance of your USB charging device with the Turnigy USB Power Meter. This little device plugs in line between the USB output of a . This little USB port go-between is like a speed gauge for your USB devices.

Instead of hauling out a multimeter and splicing cables, plug this in between for a . USB Charger Doctor – In-line Voltage and Current Meter. It’s a little chunkier, but more numerical than our USB Power Gauge Mini-Kit. Where the USB power meter really shines, though, is in measuring the output of power banks.

You bought a USB power bank, it’s rated for . Thorlabs has integrated some of our most popular sensor head formats with a compact USB power meter interface that can be operated using a computer . This power monitor plugs directly into any USB socket and allows you to connect any USB cable into it for charging or data transfer.

Display Settings, Real Time, Histogram, Stats, Needle. The Maplin USB Power Meter is a must have product for testing USB devices and chargers. It’s small LCD display shows current and voltage values whilst . The MA24106A power sensor is a USB power sensor that eliminates the need of a traditional power meter.

It is a highly accurate, standalone instrument that . Overview: Keysight USB and LAN power sensors offer the capability to measure peak and average power of a power meter in a compact and portable form . Der USB-56eignet sich hervorragend zur Messung kontinuierl. AboveTEK USB Voltage Current Multimeter – USB Power Meter USB Tester Monitor – USB Meter 2. Das USB-Power-Meter dient zur Messung und Anzeige von Spannung und. THE MAGIC OF METERING; Perfect for analysing the power consumption of your USB devices; Easy to use . Take charge of your USB Ports with the USB Power Meter! Plug it into ANY powered USB port and verify that it is supplying the proper Voltage and Current . Since USB has become more and more a power delivery standar it would be nice to have a convenient way to measure the power . Legion Meter – Charge accelerator, Multimeter, and Data Protection. Measures USB voltage, current, power, and milliwatt hours on the integrated OLED display.

For anyone who owns a Kill-A-Watt power meter comes word of a nifty device which will be sure to be of interest to . PMManagerTM is a powerful application software controlling and taking measurement data out of the new Model 843-R-USB Laser Power Meter. The USB interface is being increasingly used as a power supply and charging port for all kinds of devices, besides data transfer.