Our chillers guarantee a temperature stability of ± K. The units are designed for de-ionized water, thus can be used for active and passive cooling. Unsere Kühlgeräte garantieren eine Temperaturstabilität von ± K.

Die Geräte sind für DI-Wasser geeignet und damit für Passiv- oder Aktivkühlung . Solid State Thermoelectric Thermal Control Unit. Lightweight, portable thermoelectric chiller.

ThermoTek introduces the industry’s smallest rack mountable recirculating chiller at just 3U tall. These thermoelectric chillers are built with solid state reliability . Precision Laser Solutions is the direct distributor of Thermotek’s chillers, covering the SEA areas. This is a ThermoTek T252P that just received brand new TEC’s as the original units were bad.

Hey Everyone, I purchased one of these Thermotek chillers (broken) on for running my large Coherent laser diodes. We are the sole distributor of Termotek Chillers in Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. We provide after sales support and the exclusive depot .

The P2is a water-cooled water chiller manufactured by TermoTek. The process of chilling is done by passing the laser water through a heat exchanger that is . Manufacturer: GE Medical Systems ThermoTek Recirculating Chiller. The chiller in the photo is the chiller you will receive. Water chiller (Thermotek Model T-255P or equivalent) 7. Buy ThermoTek RC2AC Rack-mount chiller; 210W, 10.

ThermoTek’s new T257P thermoelectric recirculating chiller is our newest offering in our line of high performance solid state chillers. GE – Solid State Recirculating Chiller →← 2237071-GE – Card Collimator . It is equipped with 5Watts of cooling power and is ideal for high power dissipation . TERMOTEK AG, P705-14974-Prisma Series DPSS Laser Chiller, Kühlgerät für Laser.