Prism orpheus

Prism Sound’s Orpheus interface brings the company’s highend digital conversion technology within reach of the project studio owner for the first time. The Prism Sound Orpheus is a FireWire interface for personal recording and sound production, for professional musicians, songwriters, engineers and . You can find Prism Sound converters in most of the big name professional mastering.

Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital studio products for years. Originally set up as an RD consultancy developing . The Prism Sound Orpheus is a 1U 1 firewire interface, offering a wealth of features. Prism Soun based in Cambridge, UK, have a reputation .

Prism Orpheus vs UA Apollo for Classical Piano. Juli 2013Universal Audio Apollo Vs Prism Sound Orpheus. März 2012Mytek ADDA1or Prism Orpheus – Gearslutz.

However, this typical spec doesn’t really portray the quality or flexibility of the unit. With conversion that’s based on Prism Sound’s other units, . The road is an analogy for this writer’s audiophile journey, which currently finds us in a very nice place thanks to the Prism Orpheus Digital . You can imagine, then, that my eyes lit up when someone first alerted me to the Prism Sound Orpheus. First point in its favour: Prism has an excellent reputation . You can find Prism Sound converters in most of the big name professional mastering and recording studios here in London so its fair to say I was pretty.

Компания Prism Sound представила новый профессиональный FireWire-интерфейс Orpheus. В конструкцию Orpheus включены фирменные технологии . Apart from bi-directional conversion and acting as a computer sound card the unit offers a number. Firewire-Audio-Interfaces gibt es inzwischen wie Sand am Meer. Mit dem Orpheus von Prism Sound strandet jetzt aber besonders . Originally introduced to the professional recording niche, the $4Prism Orpheus is just as compatible with home audiophiles and recordists . If you have an affiliation with Prism, I don’t care; it’s a good product line.

I’m looking into the Mytek 8x1or the Prism Orpheus or Titan.