The Pocket Rig von edelkrone ist ein kleines Multitalent. Buy edelkrone Pocket Rig features Compact and Portable DSLR Rig, Fold-Out Support Arm and 15mm Rods. Review edelkrone DSLR Video Supports Rigs, .

Hochgeladen von 1KIND PhotographyIn this video you will find more information about the edelkrone’s DSLR Pocket Rig. Wir hatten das Edelkrone Pocket Rig zum Test in der slashCAM Redaktion und . Edelkrone PocketRig interessiert, nur hat mich der Preis.

Edelkrone has announced updates to two of their small camera rigs solutions that are worth checking out. The Edelkrone Pocket Rig aims to provide camera support for DSLR shooters that. Sony a630 a7S II and the Panasonic GHto answer is it worth buying. And now, the world’s lightest, most portable DSLR rig, the Pocket Rig². Edelkrone FlexTILT Head is a Double-Jointed Upgrade.

Edelkrone’s Pocket Rig is the ‘World’s Most Compact and Light. Gear Just Keeps Coming: Edelkrone Reveals New Pocket-Sized Stabilizers. But the Edelkrone Pocket Rig manages to pull that off to a shocking degree. Following this line, the company introduced this week Pocket Skater and Pocket Rig , both designed to work with lightweight cameras an as its name .

Edelkrone pocket rig for my Canon 5D MII. I was proposed by dslrnewsshooters to make a. Edelkrone Pocket Rig 2: stabilizer for shooting video on a DSLR. In essence, PocketSkater is a mini dolly system that you can put in your backpack and use . The Edelkrone Pocket Rig looks like it takes the best of.

Edelkrone pone al día su gama de accesorios de bolsillo para vídeo con los Pocket Skater y Pocket Rig 2. Edelkrone The Pocket Rig Video Accessories Camcorder Support Systems.