INTRODUCING the VST LAB Coffee III 4th Generation Refractometer. Coffee Refractometer Software Bundles. Designed for the all VST LAB Coffee Refractometers.

Compliant foam insert custom cut to fit LAB Coffee Refractometer with Soft Shell. To use VST’s coffee refractometer, a few drops of brewed coffee or espresso—the latter pressed through a special mesh filter, to remove some . VST LAB Coffee-Espresso III will be tested . Lucky for us, in 20VST started releasing products aimed squarely at the coffee industry, releasing the world’s first coffee refractometer and . We are proud to announce a new addition to the PAL series, PAL-COFFEE. LAB III 4th generation refractometer with improved temperature resolution, precision, accuracy and battery life.

See full specifications in updated product . A quick and crispy guide to using a coffee refractometer by Matt Perger; 20World Brewers Cup Champion.

Includes: – VST LAB Coffee III Refractometer with integrated auto-ranging coffee espresso TDS Scales. Put simply, a coffee refractometer analyses a sample of your coffee and . You think it’s geeky to talk about the notes of chocolate, plum, and hazelnut you taste in that single-origin coffee? I’m finding the cost ($7for VST) a bit hard to swallow as I’m just an enthusiast.

If you are a barista or owner of a coffee house, you need consistency in the coffees you make. A coffee refractometer is a must-have tool for a consistent brew. The entire coffee industry is being changed by a device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

A refractometer measures the refractive index of a . Just a quick one reviewing the little refractometer made by Atago. When most people think of refractometers they picture one of the VST models . Is it worthwhile picking up a cheap 0- refractometer for brewed coffee? Buy a VST Refractometer Kit before X-mas and receive a $1BONUS store credit ! I use however a conductive TDS meter for brewed coffee.