Bullseye Glass Company is a leader in promoting glass art worldwide through quality production of colored glass for art and architecture, research and . We collaborate with a community of artists around the world to produce quality art. Buy from a Bullseye Glass Preferred Partner.

We stock the widest range of Bullseye glass in Europe with fast delivery, great prices helpful staff. Bullseye Glass has been at the center of controversy about Portland air pollution ever since early February, when regulators Oregon regulators . This post has been updated to clarify Bullseye Glass’s use of arsenic in 2009. A Southeast Portland stained glass manufacturer at the center of .

Bullseye Glass, the Portland glassmaker already under heavy scrutiny from state regulators and neighbors over heavy metals in its air pollution, . BULLSEYE GLASS bet a 42-year-ol multimillion-dollar company—not to mention about 1jobs—on a ton or so of dense, white, lead-rich . Creative Glass Austria: – Farbgläser zum Glasschmelzen und kompatible. Bullseye Dark Rose Brown – Transparent – Rainbow Irid – 3mm – Fusing Glas Tafeln. The Northwest’s art glass makers, including Bullseye and Spectrum, have grown a global customer base.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has lifted a cease and desist . The embattled Portland company Bullseye Glass has agreed to pay for cleaning two drywells after a Department of . The plaintiffs allege Bullseye Glass has used the neighborhood’s air and backyards as a dumping ground for the arsenic, cadmium, . Bullseye Glass Company manufactures colored art glass in southeast Portland.

In January 201 possibly unsafe levels of arsenic and . Bullseye Glass is a glass manufacturer in Brooklyn, Portlan Oregon, in the United States. The company is a significant supplier of raw art glass for fused glass . Bullseye Glass Co Bullseye is an incredible resource. It is not just a company, it is a community of committed individuals who make amazing . Bullseye Glass is a full-service window installation reseller. We specialize in the flawless installation of quality glass products for homes, businesses, and even . Vast selection of Bullseye glass, of COE compatibility, for fusing and hot glass working with a kiln or torch. Beautiful sheets, colored rods, fine to coarse frits, . Bullseye Glass to Below Retail Large Selection of Bullseye Glass! Welcome To Fused Glass Warehouse Discount!

The latest filing in a class action lawsuit against Bullseye Glass seeks more than $billion for people living near the company’s Southeast . Bullseye Glass Inspired century window glass creates line restoration reproduction new- build bullseye glass panes compliment finely crafted millwork doors . This premium handmade Bullseye glass is great for Stained Glass Projects, Mosaic Projects, Fusing COE, and has a consistent pattern and texture. Portland notified the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality that it has installed a baghouse filtration .